Outdoor Recreation Equipment for Sale in Livingston, TX

I have 2 Gen 3 Glocks for sale. I bought the frames new. Both have the Lone Wolf extended lower parts kits installed. They both have the extended trapezoid takedown installed. The slides and barrels were purchased separately and are used. One is a model 17 which is a full size 9mm, the other is a model 22 which is a full size 40 cal. Will meet in Livingston or Huntsville. 936-239-5764
I have 2 poly 80 80% pistol completion kits. This includes the frame, the jig, and all of the bits needed to complete the frame. It also includes the Alphawolf Slide with the Lone Wolf upper parts kit installed. The both have Glock 17 barrels. One is an original Glock barrel and the other is a Lone Wolf Barrel. The barrels are used, everything else is new. The first person gets their choice of ...
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